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  • Auto Match

    Auto Match Validation

    MyIR’s newest registration option, can give you near-instant access to your records. For verification purposes, your registration information is used to locate an exact record match in the local immunization registry. If an exact match is found, including the same phone number, an verification code is sent to you either via text message or phone call. If an exact match is found but the phone number does not match, a verification code is sent to the mailing address in your record.

    To verify your account using the Auto Match option:

    1. Visit and make sure you have completed the registration process
    2. Select Auto Match from the list of options and press next
    3. A screen will come up to let you know if the Auto Match was a success
    4. If Auto Match was a success, you will receive a confirmation number via sms text or phone call
    5. Enter you validation code and select submit

    If an exact match for you or your dependents is not found, you must select another verification option. This is to protect your immunization records from unauthorized access.

  • Provider Assisted

    Provider Assisted Verification

    The provider-assisted verification option allows a participating MyIR healthcare provider to verify your identity at their office. Some states may display a list of participating healthcare providers on the MyIR web page. Otherwise, you can contact your local State Department of Health to learn which healthcare providers are participating.

    With the provider-assisted verification option, you must visit the provider’s office to verify your identity. Once they verify you, and/or your family, they will link your official immunization records to MyIR.

  • State-Assisted

    State-Assisted Verification

    The state-assisted verification option allows you to complete and submit an immunization record release form to the state health department via email, fax, or regular mail. However, this option is only available for participating states.

    Once the state health department receives the completed form, they will link your immunization records to MyIR and send you an email confirmation of your MyIR registration and instructions on how to proceed.

    Please note that the state-assisted verification process may take several weeks.

  • About MyIR

    What is MyIR?

    MyIR is an application developed by Scientific Technologies Corporation to give consumers access to their health records and other health-related information. A parent or guardian can use the simple and intuitive user interface to register, and then add family members and dependents so that they can also have access to their records.

    Our verification processes are meant to keep you and your families information safe and secure. Please reference our privacy policy if you have additional questions. This is to comply with federal law and ensure that only authorized parents and guardians have access to their family’s health records.

    MyIR is focused on providing current immunization information to parents and guardians. This information can then be presented to schools and athletic clubs at the parent or guardian’s discretion. Families can also manage their schedules and coordinate future recommended immunizations with their health provider based on forecasting information, which is also shown as part of the immunization record.

    Why not register with MyIR today? Your healthy family will thank you!

    MyIR fully supports your mobile device using a responsive layout. MyIR is ©2013-2016

  • Adding Family

    How do I add a family member?

    Family members can be added to your account either on the registration page (click the button under Add a Family Member), or on the MyImmunizations page. To link a dependent, you must enter their first and last name, gender, and date of birth on the form. If the Auto Match verification option is selected, the primary registrant’s address and name are used to try to find a match. (See the Auto Match Registration Option above for more information.) If your address, name, or phone number need to be updated in order to match with a dependent, you can update the information on your MyProfile page. Once a MyIR member’s immunization records have been linked they cannot be unlinked unless you hit “Delete” on the MyImmunizations page. You can change or update profile information without effecting currently linked individuals.

  • Phone Number

    I don’t know what phone number to use?

    You can enter up to 3 phone numbers. When using the Auto Match verification option, all three numbers will be used in an attempt to match your record in the immunization registry (but only one phone number has to match). You can also update your phone numbers at any time on the MyProfile page.

    For each phone number, you can decide whether or not you want to receive text messages on that phone. If you use the Auto Match verification option and do not have a phone number entered that can receive text messages, you will receive the verification code by phone call if a record match is found.

    MyIR will not link your record via text or autodial if you do not have a matching phone in your record.


  • No Match

    Why didn’t MyIR  find a match?

    For security purposes, your immunization records cannot be linked to your MyIR account through the Auto Match verification option unless your registration information exactly matches with what the state Department of Health has on file for you in the immunization registry. If a match is not found, it may be because some of your information in the state immunization registry is different from what you entered at the time of registration. You can update your personal information on the MyProfile page at any time and try to Auto Match again. If you believe your information is correct and a match is still not found, please select another registration option or use the form to the right to contact us.

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