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MyLifestyle | FOOD

We have to fuel our bodies with good food to live healthy. So we teamed up with the talented blogger
behind  Simple, Sassy, Scrumptious to bring you some easy and nutritious recipes to try out.


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  • Whiskey Infused Apple and Pear Cobbler October 8, 2019
    Fall baking is in full effect and what better dessert to try than one infused with Whiskey.  This recipe for Whiskey Infused Apple and Pear Cobbler combines all the favorite flavors of fall with a kick of Whiskey flavor from an unusual ingredient. I love when recipes use non traditional ingredients, they just keep you […]

MyLifestyle | EXERCISE

The Fit Bottomed Girls are a team that blogs daily about fitness. They are real women with busy lives who understand that exercise
should be enjoyable, not punishment. This popular blog has a lighthearted and practical approach to fitness that we seriously dig.


RSS Fitness – Fit Bottomed Girls

  • Your Home Gym Checklist October 14, 2019
    What’s the most common mistake people make when setting up their home gym, you ask? Usually, it’s the thinking that a “home gym” means big equipment, heavy weights, a huge budget, and a ton of space. When, really, if you do some planning, ask yourself the right questions, and find the right products, you don’t […]

MyLifestyle | HEALTH

“Wellness Mama” is a blog to help other families live more naturally through practical tips, real food recipes, natural beauty and cleaning tutorials, natural remedies and more.


RSS Wellness Mama®

  • Guide to Healthy Protein Sources September 25, 2019
    Second to fat, protein is one of the most misunderstood and sometimes vilified sources of nourishment. Protein can be obtained from a large variety of foods, but many disagree as to the healthiest sources of protein and how much we really need. Some prefer to get their daily allowance from meat, others from soy, others […]

MyLifestyle | PROMOTIONS

Use Health Events Live to find free and low-cost health services at trusted stores near you.

Health Events Live

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