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Save yourself time and money and a trip to the doctor’s office by accessing your records at home for free

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Print out official immunization certificates to turn into your child’s school or to register them for a summer camp.

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Access your family’s immunization information using any device and without the hassle of having to make a doctor’s appointment.

Why Should I Register for MyIR?

Today’s fragmented healthcare environment means that you may get a tetanus booster at an ER clinic after stepping on a nail, your pneumonia vaccine from your cardiologist, and your families’ flu shots from your local pharmacy. MyIR puts your official, consolidated immunization records into your hands and at your disposal. Take charge of your health and protect your family from vaccine preventable diseases by knowing their immunization status from the convenience of your own computer.

  • “MYIR puts me in control of my children’s immunization records, all in one place and easy for me to review and keep track”

    - Mom of 3
  • “I love that I can print out my daughter’s immunization records for summer camp every year without having to make a trip to see their pediatrician first”

    - Mother of 2
  • “We recently went on a trip to Mexico and I was able to check myself as well as my kid’s immunization records to make sure that we were up to date on our vaccinations for our trip”

    - Family of 4

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Technical assistance is also available, select the HELP link at the top of the MyIR webpage or call (855) 245-2010. The Service Desk hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Contact the MyIR Help Desk today.

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